1. Our process starts from the agave plantation, especially the blue agave, which is ideal for a good tequila, our agaves last up to 7 years to get the correct sugar content to start the process.

2. Subsequently, our jimadores extract the pineapple from the agave, to be put in the oven for at least 72 hours of preparation: 24 hours of steaming, 24 hours resting, plus the opening time. This is an artisanal process since they are masonry ovens to cook slowly through steam.
3. Then we take it to the mill stage where we are going to get the juices from the agave and get the must. It is important to emphasize that Tequila la Terna is a 100% agave tequila since it does not contain other sugars other than those of agave, unlike others brands.

4. The must is taken to the fermentation where yeast is added with the function of: eating the agave sugar and turning it into alcohol.

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